I ❤ Penalty Rates

Weekends still mean something in Australia.

They are a time when we spend time with friends, family or just simply relaxing. They're important.

But many Australians need to work on weekends and public holidays, whether in cafe or shop, or at a hospital or behind a fire-hose. 

Penalty rates are an acknowledgement that working unsociable hours comes at a cost. Missing out on time with kids and loved ones. And working late hours or long shifts can have health impacts. 

For one-in-four Canberrans, weekend penalty rates are a core part of peoples' take-home pay. This helps put food on the table, pay bills and lets working people lead a normal life. 

That's why it's so important that we defend penalty rates, and make sure this cut to wages never happens.

I ❤ Penalty Rates

I believe weekends still mean something in Australia, and that scrapping penalty rates is a wage cut that working people can't afford and don't deserve.

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